2 Years Of Blogging Journey

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I Have Completed My 2 Years Of Blogging . These Couple Of  Years Were Very Hardworking,Exciting,Knowledgeable And Of Course The Best Ones.

The Journey Started On 28th August,2014 When I Heard About This Field From My Mates Who Started This Before Me.Since I Was About 7, I Was Very Much Techy Or In Simple Words An Honest Tech Lover.I Was Not Even Knowing That What Will Be The Outcomes Or What Is The Main Reason People Invest Their Time And Money On This.I Got The Answer Soon I Started Blogging And i.e. Some Do It As Their Passion And Majority For $.


I Started As A Blogspot User.Just Searched How To Make A Blog In Free ? And I Chosen Blogger.com.I Named My Blog MY TECH 4U.(The URL Is Provided Below) It Was All About Tech As The Name Describes Itself.Earlier I Found Too Much Trouble To Handle It .Though It Sounds Amusing,Problem in Handling A Blogspot Blog  (Haha).Sincerely I Will Say That 25% Of The Content Was Copied. I Wrote Approx. 75 Posts On That Blog And Around 18-20 Were Copied.It Was Really Hard For me To Write 1000+(Words) Posts.

The First Post I Wrote My Self Was About Xiaomi Redmi 4. That Was My Best Post And Was Really Quite Large. Even Now Also It Holds The Maximum Traffic On My Blog On A Particular Post. It Also Attained Appreciation From Videocon Officials.Around 1 Month Later,When My Mates Came To Know About My Blogging,Some Of Them really Appreciated But Maximum Were There Who Taunted Me,Even Not Believed That I Really Knew Something About Blogging.Soon After A Thought Came Into My Mind To Leave It And Concentrate On Studies But One Of My Friend Really Knew About My Writing Skills (Though I Will Not Be Revealing The Name) And What Level I Could Reach In Future With Extra Hard Work And Patience.


  • Little Bit Higher

In Between of The Sixth of My Blogging I Heard Of Adsense.I Tried To Apply For That But Waited For Some Moment To Read The Term And Conditions,To Think About It Thrice Or Even More Than That.Finally,I Applied For Adsense And My Application Got Approved With 47 Posts And Around 12K Views.Then Soon After Goggle Testing Ads Came On the Sidebars And Top Of The Blog Area.At That Time I Was Not Knowing About The Testing Ads. Soon I “DEACTIVATED” My Adsense Account As My Earning Was $0.00 Thinking It Will never Increase And Really Thinking “ADSENSE IS BULLSHIT” !! But Later On When I Came To Know That Were Only Testing Ads And Really Not Even A Single Penny Could Be Earned From That,I Was Really Thinking About Suicide. Some How I Managed To Resubmit the Adsense Form But All In Vain,It Got Disapproved.



  • Alternative Forms To Earn

After Not Getting The Work Done From Google,I Turned To Some Alternative Forms Of Earnings. ‘The Affiliate Programmes’. After Searching About Them, I Came To Know bout That Snapdeal And Amazon Were Serving As The Leading Affiliate Programmers So I Added Both On My Blog. Not Earned Much From Snapdeal i.e. About $30 Only.But Amazon Paid Me More As I Sold Items Worth $117.21 From Provided Banners And Unique URL That They Provided Me. Earning From Affiliate Seemed Easy For Me So I Thought About To Continue By That Only But Alas ! God Was Really Against Me,The Selling Got Slow And At Last Stopped. I Believed That “Okay Kunal ! Its Also Over. Lets Change The Technique For Further Earning Better.”

  • In Search Of Sponsors

Soon After I Started Searching Sponsors And Other Investors.At First I Got Buyhatke.com.I Think You May Know What It Is About ? If Not, I Will Tell You (For What I Am Here About ? Haha)It Is A Website Which Shares Discount Coupons Of Several E-commerce Sites And Other Booking,Travelling Etc.Sites. They Also Inform The Users About The Deals Which Are Of Their Mean. I Started Talking About Some Kind of Sponsorships To Their Officials And Even Mailed To Gaurav Dahake (Founder At Buyhatke).He Is Really A Generous Man As He Replied Me In Just Few Words i.e. “Please Connect To My officials And Ask Them About The procedure”.I Soon Re-Mailed To The officials And They Approved My Request And Distributed Me Some Coupons To Show Them on My Blog. They Paid Me A Bit In Advance And Put A Bet That Their Name Should Name In the Blog In BOLD Letters. I Said Okay And All Was Set. They Distributed Me Their Coupons And Some Of Them Used Too And I Attained Some Revenue From That Also.Soon Secondly Two Companies One By One Mailed Me Themselves.1st Was Chinese Mobile Brand ‘Infocus’.

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They Actually First Posted Ads On My Blog Everywhere i.e. Header,Sidebars,Footer. Then They Mailed Me About Being My Sponsor And Made A Hill of Appreciation.There Was No Reason For Me To Deny Them So, As Usual I Accepted The offer. At Staring Blog’s Traffic Increased Tremendously And Continued Till A Month. That Was The Only Time Period My Blog Attained Traffic At Its Peak. Some $s Were Earned From them Also And Finally The Ads Disappeared,They Paid Me And The Deal Came To An End.Image result for infocus logo

The 2nd One To Sponsor Me ‘Is’ (They Power Me Know Also) Apester.Apester Is An American Magazine That Helps To Create Engaging Content And They Publish Their Content In Their Monthly Magazine And The Same Story Takes Place The Difference Is That Apester Are Continuing Now Also.

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In Search Of  Domain

After Becoming Bored of The Ordinary Blogger.com I Started Thinking To Turn Towards A Domain And Everybody Suggested About .com. I Was Literally Not In A Mood Of Investing In Domain And Hosting Bla Bla Bla !! So I Was Waiting For A Giveaway With  Chance of  Winning. During 1st Week Of This Month,Their Was A Giveaway On http://www.rachitsingh.net. I Took Part On It And Luckily I Won A .com Domain out of 5 And The Site On Which You Are Investing Your Useful Time To Read My Story Is the Only One Which I Won In A Giveaway.

Here I End

At last,I Wanna Conclude That Its A Long Way To Go This ‘2’ Years Should Become At least 20 Years One Day. A Lot Is Their to Learn And Express. Just Become Your Own Identity And It Should Last For At least Your Last Breath.

Thank You For Reading My Story And Become A Part Of My Feelings.

Comment Down Your Views on My Story And This Blog Too.

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