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We are starting with The NAZAR BATTU PRODUCTIONS. I hope you may have heard about them, if not scroll down.

  • What Is “Nazar Battu” ?

Nazar Battu Productions, founded in December 2015 by Ameen Khan & Harsh Vardhan is a YouTube channel famous for videos like Dalveer & Satbeer on Odd & Even Rule in Delhi –, Nazar Battu’s Sultan – A Tribute to Salman Khan, Nazar Battu – Salman Khan verdict.. Fair or Unfair.. Ask Dalveer & Satbeer and Nazar Battu – Udta Punjab Controversy Feat. Dalveer Satbeer. Their videos usually have 2 characters which are played by Shubham and Rajesh . As of September 2016, Nazar Battu Productions have around 35 videos and over 1,00,000 subscribers on their channel. Also, Nazar Battu Productions is among the three Ambassadors of Youtube Delhi.

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  • Actors

Many videos on Nazar Battu Productions feature characters named “Satbeer” and “Dalbeer”, “Bilal” and “Junaid” etc., these characters are played by Shubham and Rajesh.


Shubham (Born on 27th March 1995, in Delhi) also known as Satbeer in his YouTube videos completed his schooling in 2012 and enrolled for Charted Accountant from ICAI and B.Com from SOL Delhi University simultaneously. Shubham dropped CA but completed his graduation in 2015. While perusing Shubham joined a weekend theatre group named “Khanabadosh” and he had been a member of this group till early 2015. Later in 2015 Shubham joined Nazar Battu Productions and is still a member of Nazar Battu Team.

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Rajesh (Born on 22nd Feb 1992, in Delhi) also known as Dalbeer in his YouTube videos completed his schooling in 2009 and got admission in Dyal Singh College for perusing B.Sc. He completed his B.Sc in 2013 and got admission in Jamia Millia Islamia University for diploma in Travel and Tourism. Rajesh also joined same weekend theatre group named “Khanabadosh” while he was perusing his diploma and he was also been member of this group till early 2015. Later in 2015 Rajesh also joined Nazar Battu Productions and is still a member of Nazar Battu Team.


  • Their Collaboration With :-

    Carry Minati

Nazar Battu Productions collaborated with Carry Minati in Roast Of NAZAR BATTU, Nazar Battu – What sells on YouTube? Feat. CarryMinati and Nazar Battu – Bilal and Junaid | Teachers’ Day. It’s expected that there will be more collaborations between these two channels in future.

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    Vipra Dialogues

Nazar Battu Productions alsocollaborated with Vipra Dialogues in their video The Workplace | Ep-4.3 | Love Is War – “Aur Pyar Ho Gaya” Ft. Nazar Battu and Kala Chashma | Baar Baar Dekho | Badshah Neha Kakkar | Ft.INDEEP BAKSHI, Nazar Battu.

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    Lalit Shokeen

Nazar Battu Productions featured Lalit Shokeen in their video Dalbeer Satbeer meets Lalit Shokeen. Lalit Shokeen is also a YouTuber and has a channel on YouTube named LShokeen Films.
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  • Nazar Battu V/S Dharma Productions

Nazar Battu Productions got in copyright war with the Dharma Productions, when they decided to do a parody on the trailer of Kapoor and sons. Nazar Battu Productions did the parody and uploaded the video on their YouTube channel and got a copyright strike on the video from Dharma Productions and YouTube took the video down. Nazar Battu Productions took the video to the Facebook and uploaded with the caption “lo bhaiyo ye raha baba and sons ka link..mauj karo :D.”.

Nazar Battu Anthem

Nazar Battu Productions promised to release the Nazar Battu Anthem when they hit 1,00,000 Subscribers. They hit 1,00,000 Subscribers on 15th September 2016 but they didn’t uploaded the Anthem. On their Facebook Fan Page and in their video Nazar Battu : Dalveer-Satbeer on Chikungunya and Dengue they stated that the song was delayed due to bad health of Satbeer (Shubham). Finally they released the Anthem on 28th September 2016.

Nazar Battu Anthem

That was all about Nazar Battu productions so lets start for what you are here about

MTL – Hello ! Team Nazar Battu Welcome To MyTechLoaded

NB – Pleasure To Connect And Hello Everyone !

Lets Start With My Questions.

Q1. How Did You Both (Shubham And Rajesh Sir) Met At First?

NB – We  Both Met When We Joined A Group Theater Named Khanabadosh And Thereafter Our Friendship Started.

Q2. How The Title “Nazar Battu” Came Into Your Mind ?

NB – We Both Wanted A Funky And Unique Name As People Love To Connect With A Unique Group.

Q3. Shubham Sir What Was Your Childhood Aim ?

NB – I Was Not Having A Specific Aim But I Stared Doing The Course Of CA But Later Dropped.

Q4. Rajesh Sir What Was Your Childhood Aim ?

NB – I Loved To Travel A Lot And So I Joined Jamia Millia Islamia For Diploma In Travel And Tourism.

Q5. Did You Ever Thought That You Will be Crossing 1 Million YouTube Subscribers In Less Than Couple Of Years ?

NB – Never Brother Never ! Its Because Of  Your love For Nazar Battu. Thank You All

Q6. Currently How Many Members Are There In The “Nazar Battu Team”

NB – We Are Having Quite A Large Team.

Q7. What Are Your Future Plans About Nazar Battu ?

NB – Just To Collab. With Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal

Q8. Is There Any Plan To Leave Nazar Battu And Try Some Other Alternative ?

NB – Never Thought Yet.

Q9. How Is Your Friendship With Ajey Nagar ?

NB – Hmm….. With Ajey ? Great Brotherhood

Q10. How The Plan Of Collaboration With Carry Minati Came Into Your Mind ?

NB – When He Roasted Us (Haha) His Art of Roasting Is Really Appreciable.

Q11. How Did You Approached Raftaar For Your Anthem ?

NB – Actually Abhi Payla And Ajey Contacted Him.

Q12. You Have Received So Much Love And Affection From Your Fans. How Would You like To Comment On This ?

NB – As We Are Always Saying ” Bhaiyo Aur Behno Dhanyawaad Har cheez ke Liye :)”

Q13. Any Future Plans To Collab. With Me (Haha) ?

NB – Zaroor Bhai *_*

Q14. Let Turn Towards Rapid Fire Okhay ?

NB – Great !

*Favorite Actor Of Shubham Sir/Rajesh Sir

** Salman Bhai Dono Ke.

*Favorite Actress Of Shubham Sir/Rajesh Sir

** Deepika Padukone/Pardesi Girl (Haha)

*Favorite Sport Of Shubham Sir/Rajesh Sir

** We Both Love Cricket

*Favorite Sportsperson Of Shubham Sir/Rajesh Sir

** Both – Virender Sehwag

**Favorite Youtuber Of Shubham Sir/Rajesh Sir

**Shubham And Rajesh Of Nazar Battu ! They Both Are Doing Well.

*Favorite Politician Of Shubham Sir/Rajesh Sir

** Mr. Arvind Kejriwal

Q15. Your Views About My Blog ?

NB – Great Going Brother ! Collab. ke Liye Contact karna. All the Best For Future Doings.

MTL – So, Here Our First Interview Comes To An End. Thanks A Lot Team Nazar Battu For Joining.

May God Bless You All And I Could Bet That Nazar Battu Will Be Recieving The “Diamond Play Button” Soon.

Good Bye And Please Stay In Touch.

NB – Pleasure ! Kunal


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