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Welcome to MTL and today’s highlight is “Interview With Shashank Vaishnav”. Yes, I am here to introduce you all with my third interview. Interviewing a Witty Feeder was one of my aims before I started taking interviews because I actually became A true Witty Fedian when I starting reading articles there and they are just fabulous. So before starting the interview let me introduce you all with Shashank Vaishnav and of cource with Witty Feed 🙂

Who Is Shashank Vaishnav ?

Shashank is Co-founder & CTO at WittyFeed Spearheading the technical operations, Shashank kick started his entrepreneurial journey during his first year of college in 2010. He leverages his vast expertise in diverse programming languages and cloud to constantly scale and build the infrastructure. He also takes pleasure in motivating people and is an avid reader.


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What Actually Is WittyFeed ?

WittyFeed is an Internet media company based in Indore (India). It is a blogging platform for “charticles”, which are combinations of text and images rather than in-depth articles, and its content mostly concerns pictures, celebrities, facts intended to shock, and grotesque videos. WittyFeed was founded in 2014 by Vinay Singhal (CEO) along with two co-founders, Parveen Singhal and Shashank Vaishnav, as Vatsana Technologies.Image result for wittyfeed png


The firm was started in 2011 as Vatsana Technologies, by students Vinay Singhal and Shashank Vaishnav. After working on and abandoning several other websites, they started WittyFeed in September 2014.Factor Daily has asked whether WittyFeed “might be India’s answer to Buzz Feed”, with Com Score putting WittyFeed’s smartphone traffic ahead of that of Buzz feed India. WittyFeed allows users to post original content with little to no fact-checking, and pays influencers to share its content, the users earning an amount relative to the traffic they generate. WittyFeed’s links were blacklisted as spam by Facebook in April 2016.

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Here The Interview Begins 🙂

Kunal – Good Evening Sir 🙂

Shashank – Good Evening Kunal.

Kunal – How Are You ? Everything At Its Best ?

Shashank – Yep 😉

So without wasting further time lets start the interview *.*

Q1. Something about wittyfeed by a wittyfeeder. ( A brief intro.)

Shashank – Wittyfeed is India’s largest viral content company and the world’s second largest in terms of traffic numbers. It is not just another viral content website, but it is a steadily growing ecosystem of content creators, publishers, and consumers.
Content Marketing and Branded Content – In the times when marketing for every brand is being replaced by “social media marketing” and brands are increasingly moving towards creating content and stories that deliver their messaging, Wittyfeed comes as one stop “content exchange” for all these brands.
Wittyfeed has now quickly emerged as brand empowerment tool as well. Brands share their messaging, TG, audience and the budget, and we take care of everything else within our ecosystem to make sure the messaging of the brand goes viral. Content creators create the relevant and native content around the messaging which gets approved by the brand and then the influencers distribute that content across the relevant audience. The best part, it’s all trackable and tech driven.

Q2. How did you,Vinay sir and Parveen sir met at first ?

Shashank – Me and Vinay were classmates during our Bachelores in computer science from SRM University in 2009. Parveen is younger brother of Vinay and he join us there in SRM University in 2011 for his bachelors.

Q3. What was your childhood aim?

Shashank – my childhood aim was to make a robot like iron man, travel to moon and to do all such crazy things.

Q4. Any specific reason for starting a site with a “A Viral Content” genre ?

Shashank –  Around 2010 we had created a Facebook page called Amazing Things in the World which went on to garner 4 Million followers. Once we hit that number we realized that it was time for us to monetize that audience. So, we built a website, inserted ad sense and started our journey. Later we realized that not having good or enough content was a common problem. A lot of other pages also had an audience, but had no content! That is when we came up with the idea of starting a platform that would have original content in a myriad of categories. In September 2014, we launched WittyFeed which is now a one-stop platform for content creators, consumers and publishers.

Q5. Ever thought before about this HUGE position of witty feed ?

Shashank – No, I never thought about it as such. We were just busy living our dream and making it as big as possible, we were not really looking for positions.

Q6. What makes you happier :- People’s love for wittyfeed Or The current position of wittyfeed in the industry ?

Shashank – Both, It is their love for Wittyfeed and that we have reached to this position.

Q7. Any major upcoming projects  ?

Shashank – As of now our entire focus is on WittyFeed. In the coming years, we aim to become the World’s Largest Viral Content Company. The dream is to become the biggest name in the content industry. WittyFeed is striving to be world’s largest internet media company. As of now we are India’s largest viral content company and second largest in the world in terms of traffic numbers. We wish to change the way content is consumed all across the globe.
Q9. Congratulations for your engagement 💍 sir. Which life seems to be much exciting Personal or Professional ? (A Tough One Though 🙂 )

Shashank – Thanks Kunal, both are exciting on their part and both are important a well.

Q10. Any secret to grow much audience like you have grown ?

Shashank – Create a value for your users and they will create value for you. It is as simple as that.

Q11. Any message for our readers?

Shashank – To woo success one doesn’t need successful and famous antecedents – it comes to those who strive for it.

Q12. I actually wanna come to the wittyfeed office. Any invitation?

Shashank – Anytime you can visit. We will be happy to host you

Q12. Whats your views about me and my work ?

Shashank – At the early age you are doing good work. Keep it up and keep reading as much as you can.

Q15. Rapid fire is fun. Let’s start.

⇒ Coke/ pepsi?

Shashank – Coke

⇒ Indoor Games/Outdoor Games?

Shashank – Outdoor.

⇒ Cricket/Football?

Shashank – Cricket

⇒  Arijit Singh/Atif Aslam ?

Shashank – I love music.

⇒  Salman/Shahrukh ?

Shashank – Salman.

⇒  Vinay Singhal/Parveen Singhal ?

Shashank –  Singhals.

 MTL (My Site)/Wittyfeed ? 🙂 (Haha)

 Shashank – Your site on WittyFeed.

8. Apple/Samsung?

Shashank – Apple.
So, here the interview comes to an end. Enjoyed a lot with you Shashank Sir. The amazing gossip by a witty feeder is ❤. All the very best for wittyfeed and your upcoming married life.

Thank you for joining with MTL•MyTechLoaded.

Have A Great Time, Good Luck 😉


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