Top Five BlueStacks Alternatives to Run Android Apps

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If you are an android fan and is bored of small smartphone screens then you must be aware of the very famous software, BlueStacks. It allows you to run your android apps and games on your windows desktops or laptops with all the features that app contains. BlueStacks is one the best software and very famous among users who prefers working on powerful and bigger system than smartphones. BlueStacks is an android emulator and is a heavy software too, which is a bummer for so many users as it is hard to carry along and takes some effort to install. So, here are some great alternatives that offer the same features with some extra bonus features.

YouWave Android Emulator

YouWave Android Emulator is one of the best BlueStacks alternatives which offers all the same feature but in a lighter pack and have a sophisticated interface. All the android apps and games are compatible with this software and can be easily found in its pack.

Some of the great features that YouWave Android Emulator offers are:

  •  Easy search and install android apps and games.
  • Portrait and landscape mode to enhance the user experience according to the need.
  •  Easy transfer of apps from system to SD card.
  • It also allows you to play multi-player games. One of the key features of this software.
  • Also, allows you transfer images and other digital files.

However, it is not a free tool, which is one and the only reason that holds this software back.

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Android SDK Emulator – One of the Best BlueStacks Alternatives

It is offered by our very own Google. Android SDK Emulator is not just an Android emulator, it has a lot more to offer to its users to enhance their experience. It packs some extra tools within its package that allows users to play along with the apps. This software is famous among developers, who likes to experiment with the apps and add something new to their apps. Its the first choice of all the developers out there in the world.

Some of the great features of Android SDK Emulator are:

  • It is more than an android emulator. Android SDK Emulator has tools that offer developer options.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Light and easy software to get the hand on.
  • New apps and tools compatibility.

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Jar of Beans Emulator 

Jar of Beans is a different kind of emulator, to be specific it is an Android Jelly Bean (4.1.1) emulator. Jar of Beans is capable of running a wide range of apps easily and smoothly with out any trouble. It is easily available on the internet and is easy to install. The interface is also user-friendly which makes it favorite among users.

Some great features that Jar of Beans emulator has are:

  •  It is a portable device and can be easily transferred or can be installed on a Windows system.
  •  A wide range of apps are available and are easily handled.
  •  User-friendly interface

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Android for PC Emulator

This is a custom made emulator just for PCs. It is more like an Oracle VM Virtualbox that is capable of playing Google OS on Windows. It is easy to find on the internet but a bit tricky to install on a system and need some gears to install such as a bootable CD.

Features that Android for PC Emulator has to offer to its users.

  • Recommended for advanced users. As it has some powerful and tricky tools to enhance the experience
  • Features all android apps and are easily downloadable
  • It is a light emulator and can easily be transferred and carried on a thumb drive.
  • You can customize the appearance and adjust options according to preference.

Windows Android Emulator

This one is an easy going emulator which makes it one the favorite emulator of the users and the best alternative of BlueStacks. It is a smooth and fast operating software with a bunch of tools to play with which makes it more interesting. The stable and user-friendly interface helps you get along pretty quickly.

Features that Windows Android Emulator offers are:

  •  Simple interface and great performance to match the expectations of the user.
  • Easily compatible with a low configuration system and runs perfectly.
  • Simple and friendly to use.
  • Perfect to start using for a new person.

Final Remarks

So, these were the best five best alternatives for BlueStacks Android emulator as they have something great to offer and are better at some aspects. Do share your thoughts if you’ve successfully managed to run the android games and apps on your PC/Laptop.

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