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As we all know that Linux is a free and open source Unix based operating system. It has Intel x86 architecture and was initially developed for personal computers. This popular operating system is the base of almost all general purpose operating system. One of the best things about Linux is that for handling video input devices, it uses two modern kernel user space APIs. Where for handling Video Streams and radio, V4L2 API is used; on the other hand, it uses DVB API for works such as digital TV reception. However, we’re focusing on the Linux Alternatives that you can try for your device.

It is one of the best-operating systems of all time, but its popularity and usage are going on decreasing due to the availability of its alternatives, some of which even have better features. Although it is very useful to us, but there are also some flaws related to it. As different devices are complex in their own manner, the infrastructure of Linux needs some evolution each time, which is very time consuming and tedious work.

1. Joli OS

This Ubuntu-based operating system which has been developed by Jolicloud has almost all the features which we need from a modern operating system. Its user interface is perfectly fine not only for older netbooks and computers but also for newer desktops. Even though it is a cloud-centric Linux distro, it has a dedicated file manager. It lets you share your favorite apps. with your family as well as friends. All you need to do is create an account so that all your important data gets saved on the cloud. Skype, Spotify, LibreOffice Writer, Dropbox, and VLC are some popular apps which you will find here. It works across several platforms such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc. It can be an easily dual boot or triple both with other operating systems or distributions. You can simply buy lightweight Jolibooks if you are in the UK. Jolibook is a cloud-centric laptop whose battery lasts for more than 7 hours.Image result for joli os logo

2. Google Chrome OS

This operating system is Gentoo based, a browser like operating system. An image browser, video player, music player, etc. are some of the desktops like features which is provided by this app. It is similar to Chrome, a popular browser of Google. This cool operating system is used by millions of users worldwide. Being a proprietary of the open source Chromium OS, it gives you a free trial version. It has got 8/10 rating by Engadget and has got several mixed reviews from different sites.

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3. Kubuntu – Best Linux Alternatives

It is another popular alternative to Linux which provides you a stable desktop environment. Being s9imple, a naive user can easily use it without any kind of discomfort. It has several fancy effects and features, making Mac and Windows users unhappy and jealous. ZDNet Australia in its survey has said that KDE4 is the next version of Windows as it provides a modern user interface. Amarok, Kopete and Gwenview are some of the popular apps which are provided by Kubuntu. All those users who have newly switched to this fantastic operating system do not need to worry as it also has LibreOffice, Firefox, and similar apps. Kubuntu Natty is the latest version of KDE4 which has very fewer customization features.

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4. React OS

ReactIOS is an open sourc4e alternative to Linux. It shares great compatibility with almost all Windows apps and drivers. On sharing some of the codes with Wine project, this operating system allows you run all of your Windows apps on Mac OS X as well as Linux. It is a lot similar to Windows NT. Its main goal is to share total compatibility within Windows Server 2003. This is an alpha operating system. This operating system is entirely written in C, while some of its elements such as ReactOS File Explorer and similar are written in C++. Being a part of FOSS ecosystem, it has AMD64 processor architectur5e. It uses Windows API functionality which is partially implemented. The compilation work is done by a combination of MinGW and Microsoft Visual Studio.

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5. eComStation

Created by IBM and Microsoft, this popular operating system was originally named as OS/2. Microsoft left it in order to develop MS-DOS while IBM continued with its development. OS/2 is used in old ATMs, PCs, and other systems. It was marketed by IBM as OS/2 Warp. Serenity Systems is the company which has all the rights to distribute it. Serenity Systems have their own operating system eComStation. This operating system is entirely based on OS/2 of IBM. It contains additional applications, drivers, and various interesting enhancements. After Mac OS X, it is the only paid operating system. In order to get a demo of how it exactly works, you need to download the demo CD, which is available free of cost.

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Final Thoughts

So this was my take on all the top Linux alternatives that you can install on your system. Most of them are Free and Open Source, so all you need is the OS image and a bootable drive to get started. Do share your thoughts by throwing your valuable comments in the comment box & let me what you’ve tried on your PC in he comment box.

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