Top Apps For A Rooted Android Device

Hello Everybody.

I am pretty sure that you have heard this thing zillion time

Rooting an android phone has lots of advantages.

But ever wondered what those advantages are? In case you haven’t yet, I am today going to tell you about some amazing things you can do if you have a rooted Android device

Or rather, I will tell you about some amazing apps which work only on a rooted device. So the best part will be downloading those apps and showing them off in front of your friends.

But before we begin, you should know how to root your android phone. So basically, you can download the Towelroot app to root your phone with ease.

Let’s now get it rolling

Best Android Apps For A Rooted Phone


The first and the foremost app in the list of almost every such list is Greenify and there is a reason why. Greenify is probably the only battery saver app which actually works.

Many times you would have seen a lot of battery saver apps, but let me say it in front of your face. Most of these apps are shit. Only greenify is that one app which actually seems to save your phone’s battery.

Though greenify also works on non-rooted devices, but to see it at its best, you need to try it on a rooted device only. You can download the Greenify apk and install it on your phone. Image result for greenify logo png


Titanium Backup

The next app which I do not want to miss at any cost is Titanium Backup. There is a reason why I love this app a lot.

What do you expect a backup app on Android to do? Create a backup of the apps installed and convert them into apk format, right?

But what’s good about Titanium backup is that it not only creates a backup of the app but also backs up the data on it. So next time you do not want to lose your game’s progress, considering rooting your phone and installing this app.

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This is an app that you are going to fall in love with. This application allows you to actually edit the values stored in the files of any android app.

In other words, it allows you to edit any app as per your advantage. For example, you can increase your points in any game or you can even use this app to edit all the information displayed in the app.

If you know something about Android development, you are going to love this app a lot.

Image result for cheat droid logo png

Final Words

With this, I feel I should now end this article. Though there are tons of applications made for rooted phones, these three are the ones which I loved the most. Do let me know the apps which you like in the comment section down below.

Cheers !

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