Shareit vs Xender : A Battle Between Two Beasts

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I am quite sure that most of you already know about Shareit and Xender app. If you do not, then let me tell you that these two apps are the best file sharing apps for Android ever developed.

Now, there have been a lot of debates and discussions about which one of these two apps is better. Though we can not come to any conclusion as such because both the apps are good in their respective spheres, but here is a detailed discussion about both of them.


Summary Of The Infographic

Though one could not come to a conclusion based on the infographic alone, here are a few points that we discussed in this infographic.

  • First of all, Shareit has over 100 million Play Store downloads while Xender has around half of them. This clearly shows that Shareit is more popular than Xender. You can download the Shareit apk and install it too.
  • Then we talked about the user interface of both of them and they both were pretty much the same.
  • Then there were few features of both Shareit and Xender which are talked about a lot. The best feature of Shareit is that you can connect your PC with phone using the Shareit QR Code
  • Also, I discussed that both the apps allow you to share the files of all file formats including recorder phone screens from apps like Az Screen Recorder

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Final Words

So at last, I came to the conclusion that if you want to share large sized files, then one much prefer Xender over Shareit because Shareit usually takes a good amount of time for large files. But if you need to transfer only a few files and do them quickly, then you can use Shareit as it is little faster than Xender.

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