Guess ! What Is The Future Of 3D Printing ?

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Technology is like a TIGER. With great ferocity, it has come a long way in the last 2 decades. Let alone our parents, it’s development has absolutely amazed us. I remember pretty well when 17 years ago, I got my first computer. Back then, having a 320 GB desktop computer was a big thing. Now, even a 500 GB Laptop is available in lowest price.

Innovation has been at the forefront in the last 10 years or so. As we speak, Research is underway in creating path breaking technology that will shake current practices to its very depths. 3D Printing, Google Glass, Smart city WiFi etc. are some of the amazing discoveries and innovations which will bring about change in Society.

How  3D technology works ?

how 3d technology works

3D Printing Technology works with a technique wherein CAD designs are broken into several layers of patterns on top of each other. The Computer distinguishes those patterns and accordingly sets in motion a printout orchestra. Layer by Layer the model is created using liquid plastic or other selected materials. Research is underway in Medical field for use of Bio-Materials in 3D printing. It has been in use for decades by manufacturers but with the development of technology, cheaper and smaller versions of such printers have started to arrive in homes and small Businesses. They might look small but can change the way we think about money.

3D technology in Medical field

Imagine a scenario where a person requires organ transplant. He would require to pay a hefty sum to the donating person or wait in case of receiving organ transplant from a deceased person. With 3D printing, transportation issues gets resolved and it becomes easy for the surgeons to save the lives of such patients by making the facility available in house.

How 3d printing will changes the traditional things ?

Next we discuss about how it changes the way we enjoy things. Let’s say you want to surf on the Beach. With 3D printing, you can create your own surfboard at an absolutely nil cost and enjoy the waters. You want your Home to be the best designed in Society, you come across amazing chandeliers, richly colored and designed blankets and awesome tableware and Furniture at a nearby showroom costing you a fortune. Well 3D printing gives you an added advantage as you have the power of customizing your Interior design as per your like with the flexibility of range of designs as per your like. Just imagine yourself to be the envy of your neighbors. Brings out the designer in you doesn’t it?

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In a country like India where more than half the population is facing basic issues like Food, 3D printing can bring a sort of relief. Research and tests are underway in creating edible food substances. Cost of producing food substances will be much lower than commercially available. One or many such device can be a provider for an entire Village.

Stationary field

Next comes the stationery situation. You know Pencils, Pens, Rubber etc. stationery which we need everyday to run our daily life. Instead of wasting money on buying office supplies, 3D printing facility in Businesses can save a lot of money which the Business can use for other important purposes. Imagine an infinite supply of Paper, less deforestation and you will have your answer.

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Automotive Industry

3D Printing can change competition in Automotive Industry where Auto companies can manufacture spare parts reqd at low costs thereby giving them an advantage in case of spare part stock out situation. If you have broken items in your house and are unwilling to buy new items, 3D printing gives you an added advantage of being able to manufacture either replacement piece or a repaired item. Basically, it would mean for Families and Small and Medium Sector Businesses as a sort of Capital Expenditure with cost of purchase being scattered across all products manufactured by it.

E.g. If one 3D printer costs Rs 5000 and in a year you have used it to make 100 items of varied qualities and quantities then cost per item would be Rs 50 thereby giving families especially low income Families utmost power of flexibility and customization as well as provider of Food.

Manufacturing field

3D Printing can open up Business opportunities for Small Entrepreneurs as such devices can lead to opening up of small 3D manufacturing shops providing miscellaneous supplies to different stakeholders. Such Businesses might give even the Traditional Business Houses a run for their money as more people would prefer low cost products. Many Businesses might even close down in the chaos.

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3d Printing Made Food

There are also concerns of using such a disruptive Technology. The world is yet to be free of negative powers like Terrorism, Smuggling, Robbery and Murder. If such a Technology passes into the wrong hands, it can create havoc beyond the description of all. Just imagine infinite number of explosives. Recently, an article came out that Artificial eggs have been made available in the market which are made out of an unknown substance. Such products can prove to be disastrous to the health and wellness of people. There will also be concerns in National as well as International Security. There will also be infinite level of Copyright breaches in case of certain products as many people would prefer making 3D print of their favorite products which might be Copyright to certain individuals or Organisations.

Final Thoughts 

Before making such a Technology available to the Public, an Authority must be established which can monitor the safe use of such Technology as well as provide a set of rules preventing unfair use of Technology in terms of Competition and Fair Use. Consumers must be made aware regarding the consequences of unfair use of such Technology and cataclysmic effects of its use through Criminals. 3D Printing is the Future yes but its use must be safely regulated. Else we might have to face undesirable situation akin to what we see in Hollywood Movies. I leave it to your imagination what those undesirable situations can be. You can start from Androids.

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