The 10 Finest Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000

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Are you looking for the best Bluetooth Speaker under INR 3000? Then here we present you the list of top 10 Bluetooth Speakers in India that fall right within your budget. So, explore all the options and pick one that best meets your requirements!

1. JBL Go

This wireless Bluetooth speaker comes in a compact and attractive design in numerous vibrant colors. With the wireless streaming functionality of this speaker, you can connect it to your Android phone, tablet, laptop, or any other devices. Though you cannot connect the speaker through AUX cable.

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Price – INR 1,900

2. LG NP 1540

This is an ultra-light stylish portable speaker that can be paired with all Bluetooth enabled devices. It includes an inbuilt rechargeable battery that according to the claims of the company last up to 5 hours.

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Price – INR 2,370

3. boAT Rugby Stereo Speaker

With a size bigger than the usual portable speakers, the boAT Rugby speaker is available in 3 attractive colors. It can be connected to any device via Bluetooth or with the AUX. It houses 2X audio driver offering efficient music play. It possesses an inbuilt microphone and delivers excellent bass performance.

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Price – INR 1,600

4. Philips BT50B

Available in eye-striking dual color combination and a trendy, curvy design, this speaker is a mono-block. The 2W audio output offers excellent performance even at loud volumes. It comes with ‘anti-clipping’ technology that obstructs audio frequencies, which might distort the sound quality.

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Price – INR 1,590

5. Amkettei Go 820BK

Despite being small in size, this speaker delivers brilliant performance and sound quality. The stereo setup with two passive radiators and two drivers ensures an optimum balance of the bass. It is designed in shape like a pill, which is unique. Besides Bluetooth connectivity, it offers 3.5 mm AUX, a slot for memory card, USB slot, FM tuner and NFC. It can be used with any device you wish.

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Price – INR 1,899

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6. Circle Muze Stereo Speaker

Another excellent Bluetooth enabled speaker in the list is the Circle Muze that scores above others in terms of connectivity and aesthetics. It houses multicolored LED that glows when the music is playing. It offers convenient pairing via NFC. Gravity sensor, noise cancellation, water resistance IPX4 certification, and a microphone are few of the top-not straits that make it one of the preeminent choices to go for.

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Price – INR 1,900

7. Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker 

The Mi Bluetooth Speaker from Xiaomi holds a rectangular metal body shape with four buttons offering distinct functionalities. Besides a 1500 mAh rechargeable battery, it comes with an AUX port and clean and sleek design. It delivers excellent performance and amazing sound clarity. With the in-built microphone, it is even convenient to pick and make calls. You can get this speaker in various attractive colors.

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Price – INR 1,999

8. Logitech X 100

This is one of the most popular speakers available in an affordable range. Although the size of this speaker is quite small as compared to the other options, the sound quality and functionality are truly powerful. With an exclusive mosaic-patterned design at the top surface, you will never experience oozing or distorting of the sound. This 3W speaker delivers awesome treble and bass quality, but only at low or moderate volume. It comes with a built-in microphone that adds to its functionality.Related image

Price – INR 1,439

9. SoundBot SB 571

This is another excellent speaker available under the budget of 3,000. It offers an excellent music quality. It comes with a 40 mm dual high-quality drive and a 14W RMS output unit. With a brick-bar pattern, it is one of the most stylish and attractive speakers available within this budget. The built-in microphone, you can make not just calls, but even do Skype chatting.

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Price – INR 1,799

10. Portronics Portable Speaker

Last but not the least, is the Portronics portable speaker that supports all sorts of devices,  it can be a laptop, PC, or MP4 or MP3 player. You can connect it with a device through Bluetooth or an AUX cable. It comes with an inbuiltmic and FM radio that provides it a slight edge over the others.

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Price – INR 1,100

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So, here I end my take on Top 10 Bluetooth Speakers in India Under INR 3000. I Presented the best among gears for you under an affordable price range. If you can suggest me better or you have any queries, you are requested to put up your comments, queries or suggestions in Comment Box.

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