How Can You Add Multiple Links In Your Instagram Bio? Explains Fololink!

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This era is also called as The Social Era cuz today every being is socially active by any means. Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc are used in a single home by almost every member. Apart from these, there is another popular Social platform called ‘Instagram’. The one here who has never listened to Insta’s name lemme explain what you can do here. Here you can post your latest or awesome snaps as your daily status and you can also follow any Individual, Brand or Company to know a bit about their day to day life by simply following them. When you are there on your Instagram’s dashboard you can locate your Number of followers, No of people you are following, your short & sweet Biography and a link related to any of your Social profiles or any other URL.

Basically, many of you know that Instagram allows only a single link to be added in your Biography. It is impossible to add 2 or more than 2 links on Instagram but there is one Company making impossible possible as they are providing you to add multiple links in Instagram in a simple and free manner. Isn’t sounds great? Its awesome for sure. Yes! we are having a gossip about Fololink. Let’s know about this company further and later on, we will be having a look over the steps to utilize their service and other mesmerizing stuff.

Brief Introduction To Fololink!

Fololink is a tool that solves the problem of linking with Instagram and with just one link pointing to a collection of links that you can manage with our platform, your problem is solved in a clean and good way. Share all your Social Media profiles and important links with just one single URL. This is a product of PopoIndia.


How To Use Fololink?

Step 1: Log on to Fololink’s Website.

Step2: Locate ‘Register’ Option On The Top Bar & Click on it.




Step3: Fill This Small Info Form.


Step4: After filling the form, A verification link would be waiting in your E-mail inbox. Click on the link and verify your mail and you are done. Welcome To Fololink!

Step5: Login with your Username & Password provided by you to enter your Fololink Dashboard.

Step6: Hope you have entered your Fololink dashboard. Now you could see a small 2 space form which asks you to enter your desired title and appropriate URL to that.


Step7: After adding the Title and adding a link to it, a tile of Title’s would be shown below. I have mentioned mine below. Its showing 0 hits cuz I have not shared the Unique Fololink URL yet. I was waiting for you all!


Step8: After having this done, you can see that Fololink has created a Unique URL for you that you have to share your Instagram Post or Bio.

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Step9: Copy the Unique URL from the dashboard and paste it into your Instagram’s Bio like I have done.

These were the basic and easy to perform steps to engage more and more traffic to your business and social profiles. As we all now that Visual explanation is the best! What we see, we understand it quickly and never easily forget. Credits of the video are to PopoIndia.


Some Other Mesmerizing Features!

  • You can also Login With Facebook.
  • 24×7 Help Available On Their Chat Window.
  • Total Clicks To Your Links Counter.
  • Get Fololink Verification Badge For Just $5

Here I End!

So, In a nutshell I wanna conclude that Fololink makes it a lot easier to engage more and more traffic to your sites, Social handles, and pages. And yea, of course, it’s an awesome initiative to start such a service that helps the public to do something out of the chapter. No matter how much you are busy, you should go with Fololink and after all, it is free. That’ll for today. If you still carry any query, don’t keep inside yourself. Do share your queries and comments down there in the comment box. I will try to answer them as soon as receive them. Till then,


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