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The internet is one of the largest platforms to find some of the most relevant information that even can’t be found in the books. But if every good thing has some positives, it has the negatives too. The internet is also the place where a number of cybercrimes happen every day. A number of hackers, spies, and intruders are prevailing across the internet and are looking to break through the security of your network. Once they enter into your network, they can access all your private data and the data stored on your system as well.


There is a need to look at this scenario and protect your online privacy. A VPN turns out to be the most proficient solution to preserve your online privacy. You mind find yourself in trouble when you have to choose among the different VPN providers on the web. Don’t worry! We can make the things sorted for you. NordVPN is one of those VPN providers that can be trusted blindly for its services. It’s US and UK VPN servers are the most reliable ones. Let us explore NordVPN in details and know more about this authentic service.

NordVPN – The User’s Eye

Established in the year 2012, this Panama-based company has gained too much popularity in no time. It has been just 5 years since its launch and the company has managed to attract the user’s eye globally. At present NordVPN have millions of users globally and holds a network of over 2200 servers in 61 nations on this planet. PCMag’s Editor Choice Award has been presented to NordVPN for the two consecutive years. What else can we say about this stunning VPN provider?


NordVPN – The Ultimate Features of this Big Fish

NordVPN is so far one of the most cost-effective and a feature-rich VPN provider that I have ever used. No doubt why people love to stay with it for long? It takes the user privacy too seriously. Some of the most proficient features of this VPN provider are as follows:

Bypass the Censorship & Browse Freely

No matter where you are living, with NordVPN, you can access any website on the web or stream any video at blazing fast speed by bypassing the censorship laid by your country’s government or ISP. This means that any site/video restricted in your region can be accessed by switching to a server hosted at a different location on NordVPN.

Mask your IP Address

Just like any other VPN, NordVPN tends to mask your IP address and replaces with a random IP address on its servers. Your original IP is totally hidden from the intruders trying to access your network and steal your private information.

Double VPN protection with CyberSec

NordVPN also offers the Double VPN protection which is offered by just a few VPN providers around the globe. This means that your data is encrypted twice before reaching you. Also, its CyberSec technology thwarts the risks of DDoS attacks, phishing, malware, adware, and many other threats that can harm your device.

A Wide Network of Blazing Fast Servers

NordVPN hosts a large network of over 2200 servers in 61 countries of the globe covering all the continents of this planet except Antarctica. Moreover, it offers unlimited bandwidth without throttling your internet speed. You can send large chunks of data both downstream and upstream.

Strict No-Logs Policy

It takes your online privacy too seriously and proves it by not storing your data logs whenever you are connected to its servers. None of your private information or the history of the browsing session is stored on its servers.

Automatic Kill Switch Technology

Many of you might have experienced slow speed internet or connection lost issues several times. Suppose you are doing an online payment when connected to NordVPN’s server and your connection is lost accidentally. NordVPN will terminate all the present sessions there and then avoid any data loss/theft. It carefully prevents the leakage of sensitive data of the user.

DNS Leak Resolver

A number of VPN users complain that all their browsing data is leaked to their ISPs. How this happens despite using a VPN? Have you ever wondered it? A number of VPNs use your ISP’s DNS and this is the reason why the browsing data is leaked to your ISP. NordVPN prevents the DNS leakage as it uses its own DNS to transfer all your web traffic.

SmartPlay Technology

The all-new SmartPlay technology offered by NordVPN allows you to stream more than 400 streaming sites while sitting at any remote location in the world. The streaming becomes faster than your imagination with its SmartPlay technology.

Multi-Platform Oriented

NordVPN is available for a number of platforms. The iOS, Android, and Windows smartphone users can install its app from the respected stores and start using it after the installation. It is also available for Mac, Linux, and Windows PC users. You can even use it for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Pricing & Plans

NordVPN offers cost-effective VPN plans to its users along with 30-Days Money back guarantee. If a user doesn’t like its services, he/she can ask for a refund within 30 days of making the payment. It even offers a 2-Day trial version to the new users. The monthly plan is charged at $11.95 per month, the half-yearly plan is charged at $7 per month, the yearly plan is charged at $5.75 per month, the two-year plan is charged at $3.29 per month, and the 3-year plan is charged at $2.75/month. With each of its plans, you can have access to all its features.

Nordvpn prices


  • No P2P throttling
  • Unlimited bandwidth offered
  • Double VPN Protection with CyberSec
  • Automatic Kill Switch Technology & DNS Leak Resolver
  • 6 Simultaneous connections supported
  • SmartPlay technology to stream remotely at faster speeds

Here I End

NordVPN is a big name in the VPN industry and has established itself in people’s heart by offering the most reliable VPN services at reasonable prices to its clients globally. Once you start using its services, you will never switch to any other VPN. You must try NordVPN and also place your valuable review about NordVPN, ask your related queries and throw your comments down there in the comment box.


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