Movavi: An Alternative To Bandicam

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Movavi Vs. Bandicam

On the internet, there are basically many screen recording tools. Which are great of course and the most famous one among them is Bandicam? Everyone uses it. But it comes with some in-app purchases so to unlock its full potential you’ve to pay a good amount. But of course, there are many other tools which have the same recording options as Bandicam and also have some other cool features like in-app editing. And the one that has been on the top for ages is Movavi.



Why You Should Have Bandicam

The Bandicam review sites provide exclusive details on why you should go to Movavi instead of Bandicam. And here are some of the features for which you should opt for Movavi.

  • Vivid Recording Options: This means that you can record a lot more through this app. The screen recorder provides you with different modes of recording which suit your compatibility.
  • Built-in editor: When you have a YouTube channel or a commentary show you record your screen and then you have to bother about another app for editing. Have no worries! Bandicam has a built-in editor for. Movavi provides a hell lot of formats in which you can save the most popular are AVI MP4 etc. The formats in Bandicam are of course not all available.
  • There are other apps which can do that so you always have the option for choosing another app over Bandicam such as Movavi because of course, you want the best for the videos you’re working in or a customer wants the best services of course.



Some Of The Features Of Movavi Vs. The Bandicam Ones 

  • User Interface: The app has got a very stylish and sleek design with a very well placed recording button so that when you’re not so experienced you get along with this app after spending some time and playing around with it. When you don’t know how to record or have to record for a YouTube gaming channel or anything like that you get this software and you play around for a bit and voilà! In no time you’ll be able to record, edit and make a full video for your fans.



  • In-App Editing: Bandicam provides in-app editing but you’ve to get another app called Bandicut with which you unlock the full editing potential of the app. Though this is kind of a drawback of this software as there is other software which provides more function and in-app editor. But Movavi is a professional quality editor and it’s worldwide famous. Everyone uses it from small YouTubers to the videos where there have to be screen recordings and screenshot, Movavi can do it all so don’t you worry about it.


  • Support: The Movavi app provides email, customer care, chatting with the developers so if you’ve any problem regarding the software you can contact the people on board for helping you and clear your doubts. It’s better and much more appealing if the product which we buy provide after sale Services and in the generation of the internet no matter where you’re you can finish up your queries by asking the professionals about the product or about any problem you’re facing they will do their best for helping you.

All in all, this is a really nice application and you should get it as all of the people do. Plus, it is a much better alternative than Bandicam, right?


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