The Fourth Industrial Revolution is on a High with Bonk Be Live App!

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Boink Live Streaming Corporation, the founder company of the Bonk Be Live app has immersed its technology into the fourth big industrial revolution through fusion, social media, and augmented reality. The company has already spent millions of dollars in the development and the marketing of the app. It is the game changer in the industry that has already made to the top in the live streaming application industry when it comes to the technology. Let’s throw some light on the Bonk Be Live app.

Bonk Be Live  – The User’s Eye

Bonk Be Live is a new social broadcasting app that is immersed in latest technology and proprietary artificial intelligence. Being called the next big player by 26 technology startups of the Silicon Valley, the app has already gained too much popularity. Easy to use interface and the augmented reality features make it a pure delight for the young generation. The application is still to be added with major augmented reality features,

Until now, the social media was limited to the outside material including photos, videos, texts, and other stuff. But now, Bonk Be Live will give users more diverse posting options. It will help them intermingle the audio and visual components for creating a unique experience for the people creating and viewing the posts. The complete focus of the app will be on the AR technology, video live streaming, and digital advertising in the year 2018.



How will the Broadcasters be benefitted with Bonk Be Live?

Bonk Be Live has too much to offer to everyone. It is one of the most advanced social broadcasting applications that provide an ability to the user to make money. Yes, you heard it right. You can make money out of this app. The big question is how? How one can make money with the Bonk Be Live app.

It provides an opportunity to every user to win points and reach certain levels. The users who reach level 70 or higher are given the opportunity to make money by advertising the commercials. The broadcasters can read a commercial during their stream for which they earn 1 diamond and for playing the commercial, they earn 3 diamonds. Each diamond values to 50USD and can be redeemed for cash.

The app interface has been updated continuously to provide the best user experience. A few new features have been added to the app to enhance the user experience:

  • The brighter colours and larger fonts have made the app interface appealing to the eyes.
  • You can now draw on the screen, record the stream, and invite people to video chats within the app. One can send photos, video messages, hand drawings, voice messages, and other stuff.
  • The broadcaster can create a ‘Moments’ page which holds the photos, shared links, broadcasting history, and other details of the broadcaster.bonk-be-live

What’s more to come for the Broadcasters?

  • The users will be able to earn coins after the introduction of few games on the app.
  • The features introducing soon are features like returning to the stream after the call, private streaming, and face to face streaming.
  • Bonk Be Live will be launched in 30+ languages.

How will the Advertisers be benefitted with Bonk Be Live?

Bonk Be Live is the win-win app for both the broadcasters and the advertisers. It gives an ultramodern method to the advertisers to advertise their products/services and get better conversion rate as compared to the conventional advertising models. Here, the broadcaster creates a call-to-action and promotes the advertiser’s products. The trust between the followers and the broadcaster is the reason behind the higher conversion rate.

What’s more to come for the Advertisers?

  • The advertisers would be able to analyze their account completely by paying a little fee.
  • They would be able to post videos and news.
  • They might also launch the paid advertising pages for promoting their products and services.

What is Bonk Be Live VIP & Premium Services?

The Bonk Be Live  VIP and Premium service will offer a more personalized and story-driven experience to the users. The audience and the broadcasters will get high-quality videos & audios for posterity.


Bonk Be Live is operational in 100+ nations and has a few thousand users in major parts of the world. With its new contract I magically with Greg Gifford, Bonk Be Live aims to expand its reach and recruit more subscribers to the app. Download the app now and enter the world of augmented reality.

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