Chabot’s: The Conversational Agents Of Today’s Internet.

Hello there! Everybody has heard of Sophia, the extraordinary robot citizen. And in a world where we have Sophia and are looking forward to flying cars, it is only expected to keep up with these trends. And what is new and happening? Chabot’s. It is one of those waves of crazes which wasn’t a fad, it is a serious affair like JEE Main 2018. It’s the innovation that is here to stay!

In fact, the innovation has advanced to such an extent that a few Chabot’s come very close to the real human experience of conversation. The automated responses you may receive might sometimes just put you in a dilemma of whether you are conversing with a human or not?

Much like the syllabus if NEET 2018 Results, this topic needs a little more probing. Therefore, the only smart thing to do is to make a list of the best Chabot’s services online, to obviously help us understand better the level of excellence we humans have accomplished in this field.

Let us get to know the top 7 “conversational agents” that are pervading the online space.

  1. Endurance: The Companion

For patients with dementia, menial daily tasks are challenges. With no solutions to the problem, Endurance’s Chabot’s comes close enough. These companions Chabot’s are conversational helpers to the patients. And is being a cloud-based technology stores the interactions it has shared with the patients. This helps the doctor and family members of the patients keep a track of the deterioration of the patient’s state of mind.

This innovation can prove really helpful for researchers studying Alzheimer’s disease; the Russian version of the bot is already available for use!

  1. Marvel: The Ultimate Comic Book Experience

Marvel is the alternate reality which all of us want to live in. Marvel senses our desperation, and hence, when it comes to expanding their franchise, they never miss a chance; they know we suckers are going to be the firsts in line at their sales! And yes, Marvel has their own Chabot where you can converse with your favourite superhero, and avoid speaking to any real-life humans, because, well, why should you?

Image result for Marvel: The Ultimate Comic Book

The Chabot isn’t exactly up to the mark yet, so you cannot expect an out of the world response, or even a proper one if you decide to get smug with it, but then again, it’s still fun.

  1. Casper: Your Late-Night Partner In Crime

Image result for Casper

Insomnia is the struggle of millions. With sleepless nights and tired days, a companion who is awake with you is all you need!  Albeit social media has been a great pacifier for you until now, Casper the funny and quirky Chabot is what you need to get you through the night. Although, there are no promises that it can help you fall asleep in any way.

  1. MedWhat: For A Faster Diagnosis

I don’t know about you, but I love to WebMD-check if I have Ebola every now and then! If you have similar interests, then MedWhat is perfect for you. It is a somewhat advanced/sophisticated WebMD. It studies your behaviour to give you a better response to your queries. And gives a faster diagnosis.

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  1. Roof AI: The Real Estate Agent

Getting a good lead is tough! Hence the creation of this Chabot; it finds, and assigns leads to you. Roof Ai recognizes potential leads from Facebook, then has a friendly conversation with them (in a tone similar to that of a real-life human being), then after extracting some important information from the client, automatically assigns the lead to a real estate agent.

Image result for RoofAI

Those are the most innovative Chabot’s I have come across. Do leave comments below if you have heard of anything better, or have queries, or to have a conversation!

Here I End

So, these were the top controversial agents that are popping up on the Internet nowadays. Currently, we have managed to discuss the 7 of such items but if you have any other suggestions for this individual expect these 7, Kindly comment on your suggestions.


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