How to Create Audiobook for Your Kindle Book

In a generation full of technology, why to read when you can listen to a book, a novel of your taste, is the budding demand of people. Increase the level of creativity put some efforts and makes an audiobook. An audiobook is as easy as self-publishing your book.

It is cost effective and approachable for self-published authors, and you can spend the amount according to your budget.

How to make an Audiobook?

Prepare content of your book for Audiobook recording.

Beginners, who have no idea how to make an audiobook, need to ready up their content Book for recording. They need to create a script you can read as you record the audio version of your book. To avoid any blunder while recording, beforehand remove everything that won’t make sense in the audio version.

Things you may omit:-

– Delete hyperlinks

– Delete captions

– Delete visuals

– Remove any calls to actions or click here prompts

Once you’ve created your new script, read through it one last time to make sure it all makes sense in audio form.

Recording Audiobook

The next step in the creation of your audiobook is recording the book.

To record an audiobook, you need to have a few choices:-

– Hire someone

– Work with an audiobook producer.

– Do it yourself at home.

– Record the book yourself in a studio.

– Hire an ACX narrator.


Authors find that hiring a professional to record their audiobook is the rapid and least painful route.

In fact, converting your self-published book into an audiobook using a professional can cost less than half the price of doing the work yourself. Many freelancers will charge a price of under ₹35k for a full Book to audio conversion.

For a Fresher, finding a right talent freelancer is quite hectic, but given some steps necessary will clear doubts:-

– First, you’ll need a proposal. The purpose of your proposal is to help delineate the work that’s needed. You have to make sure to include the scope of the work and terms of your offer in your proposal.

– Secondly, create sample audio content to share with potential freelance narrators.

This is your “retail audio sample”

A retail audio sample is two-fold:

– you can share it with people whom you consider potential narrators, during the freelance-hiring phase, and

– You can share it with your audience later on Amazon to peak their interest in your book.

The ultimate goal of your retail audio sample is to intrigue both potential narrators and your potential audience, because capturing their collective attention and arouse their interest in your book; they’ll want to hear more.

Studio Recording

Self-recording in a studio is more costly regarding efforts, time, and money, especially from the paid time to use a pro recording studio. Self-recording audiobook in a studio can only be completed if you maintain your time, as follows:-

– Booking recording studio three weeks ago.

– Record your book in-studio. Plan for up to sixteen hours of recording studio time.

– Plan for at least two weeks of post-recording editing.

But, the time-frame may change once you start your project. Obviously, a longer book will take a longer time to record and edit.

So plan accordingly, and give yourself plenty of time to polish, edit, and finalize a professional product.

Working with Producer

To let yourself out of hectic situations of technical difficulties, because you have never recorded an audiobook, then hire a professional Producer. An audiobook producer can ensure the quality of the audio tracks as well as mastering the file for the final production load.

You can head over to to find audio narrators for this purpose,

– Type in audiobooks,

– Select the “mixing and mastering” option on the left side.

This will give you plenty of choices for finding audio engineers, editors, and producers.


Some authors choose to self-record voice at home and not to disclose around because if the book is focused on personal stories or a family memoir. There are many books that do sound better when told from the voice of the author.

To Do Homework you would require:

1) Equipment:

a) a good USB mic

b) a pop filter

c) Audacity

2) Location

a) Isolated, padded room or recording box.

b) Recording in your room is an option but make sure your space is set up for

recording and that it is “silent.”

3) Recording Tips

a) Avoid those random noises that might pop up

b) Turn off all fans and


c) Read in a small, carpeted area

d) Stay a consistent distance away from the


e) Be prepared to make mistakes and record sentences over when


f) Read the chapter through from start to end.

g) Make sure your voice is at a similar level and tone across recording sessions.

h) Modulate your breathing and don’t hold your breath.

i) Read from a Kindle or device. No page turning sounds.

j) Schedule sessions several days apart. Avoid sounding exhausted.

With softwares like Audacity and your mic, you will get a decent quality recording

of your book.

Hire an ACX Narrator

The final & simplest option is to hire a narrator and producer directly from ACX.

They offer services to writers, where people submit you recording, and you choose whom you want to continue working with. Once your book is live and is published, you can share some of the royalties with them, depending on the agreement you come to. If you don’t want to do the recording yourself or pay for everything up front, this could be your best option.

Uploading to ACX

After recording Audiobook, you’ll need to upload your book to Audiobook Creation Exchange (“ACX”). When you publish on the ACX, your audiobook will be made available on Amazon, Audible, and the Apple audiobook store. All the audio rights come to your hands, while ACX handles all the distribution for you.

How to upload your Audiobook?

Here’s a step-by- step guide on how to upload your audiobook:

– Go to the ACX website.

– Log in to your account at

– Now You need to Click “Add Your Title.” Make sure that you have your kindle book published already

– Search and find your book then click on “This is My Book” prompt.

– Click on the “I have this book in audio, and I want to sell it” prompt.

– Choose your territory and distribution.

– Choose the language(s) you’d like to sell the book in.

– Click I Agree on their “Audiobook License and Distribution Agreement” terms

– Complete the “About My Book” section.

(Note: You can duplicate the content from your Amazon page or create original content.)

– Complete the proper copyright information.

– Complete the info about the narrator, audiobook publisher, and any reviews.

– Click the “add audio file” prompt.

– Go to browse for the first section of your audiobook to ensure it was added.

– Continue this process until your entire book is uploaded.

– Don’t forget to change the chapters and section titles as you go.

– Finally, upload your book cover.

Creating Audiobook was never a complex and big boy task, you need some patience, time and hard work to create an Audiobook.

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