Top 3 Video Editing Tools For Smartphones.

Hey There! Video Editing is nowadays minimal on PC as video editing has become very easy on the phone. With an advancement in smartphone cameras in past few years, it becomes very easy to shoot high-quality videos on the go. Now instead of carrying that huge laptop to just edit videos, your work can be done on the phone itself. Video editing is one of the best ways to make the video more memorable. Video editing is the first thing comes out of your mouth when you think “Enhancing the video”. Wanna have some of the best video editors for Android on your list? then sit back & relax as we are going to discuss the same in this post. We are coming up with Best Video Editors of the time.

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Many video editing apps are available in the play store but we have chosen the best for you guys. The video editing apps we have mentioned are capable of editing videos like you do so on your PC. Tasks like adding filters, adding voice-over, trimming clips and many other tasks can easily be performed on apps showcased below. So without wasting any further a due let’s have a look at the video editing apps, which are going to take your video’s engagement level to a totally next level.

KineMaster – Pro Video Editor

KineMaster is an amazing professional video editor. Most of the people out there editing videos on phone are using this app to edit them. One of the best things I like about this app is that it supports almost all video, audio, and image formats which saves your time since you don’t have to change video formats if your video is in some other format. A huge variety of themes and animations are available in this app. Since this app has many features, I will list out the main pointwise below:-

  • Controlling Speed of Clips
  • Adding Transitions
  • Adding Animations and Themes
  • Trimming frame by frame
  • Many effects like blur, mosaic etc
  • Multi-track audio

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The only one drawback the video will have a watermark saying “KineMaster”, to remove that you need to get the Pro version of this app by spending some money or you can even several photoshop tutorials present on the Youtube world. This app is the best if you are a Video creator and does not carry a laptop.T he only way to remove “KineMaster” watermark is by removing license verification of this app using Lucky Patcher.

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VivaVideo – Free Video Editor

VivaVideo is not only a video editor but also a photo editor. This app has a very clean and easy user interface, makes it very easy for editing. VivaVideo also carries a huge range of themes to choose from for your video. In this application, you get to choose between slow/fast motion editor. The most amazing and newly added feature is that now you can convert a video into a GIF using this app. Let’s have a glimpse of the best features provided by this app:-

  • Video to Gif conversion
  • Slideshow making
  • In-built screen recorder
  • In-built music library
  • Make Collages
  • Other basic video editing tools

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This also has the same drawback as the KineMaster as it also shows a watermark on the video saying “VivaVideo”. To get rid of this watermark you have to purchase the Pro version of this app, but you don’t have money to spend you can download VivaVideo Pro Apk for free.

Quik – Free Video Editor

Quik is a totally free video editor for GoPro, which is a company that makes action cameras. If you are a beginner to video editing then this is the best app for you as it very simple. The simplicity of this app is the best feature of the app. 23 video styles are present and you can change font, graphics, and filters of the video styles. Variety of soundtracks are available to choose from for your videos. Let’s have a quick look at the main features of this app:-

  • Variety of soundtracks
  • Huge collection of video styles
  • Add text overlays, text slides, and even emojis
  • Other basic video editing tools

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No drawbacks, but don’t expect a high level of editing with this app. This app is only for beginners. The feature which makes this app stand out from others is its simplicity.

Here I End

That’it! This is the list of top 3 video editors for Android. Now instead of carrying that huge laptop to just edit videos, your work can be done on the phone. If you want to carry out the advanced level of video editing then you can go with KineMaster. If you are mediocre to video editing then it’s better to go with VivaVideo and if you are a beginner then Quik is best as it is very simple to use. So, if you carry any queries or suggestions, kindly drop down your comments below and also mention your favourite video editing tool.


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