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Any writer who wants to develop compelling content and impress their readers will work round the clock to ensure they produce high-quality content. There are quite a number of demands placed in the writing process and every writer needs to maintain focus in order to meet them. Writing should have flow and be free of any typos as required of any dissertation formatting service. To produce a well-organized writing with good-flowing thoughts, a lot of focus and attention is required. With the advent of technology, writers can now make use of writing software to achieve their goals and objectives in writing. Here are top 7 best free software for writers available today:

  • FocusWriter

This software keeps the mind of the writer focused on the writing task. It blocks distractions and has alarms and timers to help you achieve your writing objectives. FocusWriter comes with an auto-save element that ensures that you don’t lose your content in the course of writing. It works by hiding other computer apps and by helping you customize the writing the way you want it with an ability to follow up with your progress. FocusWriter is a very useful especially when you want to meet deadlines.

best writing software
  • LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice Writer is a fully-featured substitute to Ms Word. It comes with a gallery of document templates, excellent formatting capabilities and even supports plugins. This free software processes word. It has different templates to help you in writing various types of content. It enables you to keep writing your work on different platforms especially when you don’t have the Ms Word with you.

best writing software


  • ZOHO Writer

This is yet another word processor that provides an easy-to-use writer interface. It is versatile and powerful kit with a set of formatting tools to help in the development of your content and will make you a better writer. Its robust collaboration features are quite impressive. The most important thing is that, the software has a plug-in that ties it with Ms Word if you are really committed to it. This toll is freely available online and can be downloaded from Google play or through the app store.


  • WriteMonkey

WriteMonkey is a text editor helpful in getting rid of distractions and for supporting markup. There also are very useful keyboard shortcuts to make your typing a little bit faster. However, it is only applicable to TXT files. This software uses Markdown effectively to annotate, format, and classify your content as you develop the writing. This program has a great outliner, file organization abilities and syntax highlighting. WriteMonkey is the best tool for writing blog posts and doing print publications.

  • ProWritingAid

This is a tool used for editing and proofreading written content. All you will be required to do is to enter your written content into this software to get feedback regarding the quality of work you have done or have been produced by such online services as . The content will be checked for grammar alongside style suggestions useful in enhancing the writing. The software comes with the common spellcheck features and a high-end plagiarism checker if you need. You can get this app for free and access it ether through a desktop app or online.


  • Scribus

 For books and magazine writers, this is the tool to use. It provides high-level print design features with a professional look. It supports layers and working across platforms. Scribus literally offers publishing capabilities for OS X, Linus and Windows useful in the production of magazines. The software provides professional-level publishing with multi-page documents and useful support for color management. Its design element is comparable to that of Adobe.


  • Evernote

Notes are very useful throughout the entire writing process. This tool is useful in taking notes in any desirable format. With Evernote, you will be able to take notes in different forms including web page, pictures, text, excerpts and voice memos among others. All these notes get synced immediately to your personal account making it possible for you to access them on different devices. You have 60MB storage space available for free on a monthly basis that is typically enough if you are only taking notes.



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So, in a nutshell I wanna conclude that whether you want to buy thesis papers or not, you will definitely need the help of professional writing tools to get you going. Writing is a process and involves the taking of notes, drawing outlines, writing the content, editing and proofreading prior to submission to relevant authorities. All these processes can swiftly be handled with the help of software for managing written content. Make use of such tools and applications to get answers to any challenges that might have been facing. Here are best 7 writing softwares for super talented writers like you. So, if you carry any kind of query or suggestions, kindly drop your valuable comments right there in the comment box.


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