Why Most Blogs Fail (and Ensuring Yours Doesn’t)

Blogging is an art, which a creative and passionate person posses and art is also not a hobby, it is not god gifted, everyone has to self-develop this art in them and the person who lacks this development, lag in blogging and their blogs fail.

Being a writer or an artist or a musician or a videographer or photographer or any other profession, if you ever wrote a blog and your blog fail or still fails, then you need to get more attentive to this serious issue, you need to take on steps to re build your blogs and save them from failing.

Let’s learn Why Your Blogs Fail?

Lack of Passion:

Watching and doing work just for becoming popular and without any real interest is the reason why many bloggers fail to write a good blog. They only started into blogging because of the money.

For successful blogging, Passion is a key element and, so you have to make sure you are blogging about your passion. Your passion must satisfy the taste of others too, so don’t write something too insane. People won’t get you if you blog about what no other person loves then people can’t get to your blog. Find for something that is more close to your passion and you can blog about. Blogging about your passion is important as it keeps you from quitting blogging soon.

Lack of Creativity:

Bloggers have a tendency to come up with new creative ideas of their own. This is why great bloggers do not crave for creativity they are already self-capable of creating new blogs and coming up with new ideas which is what leads to their success.

Strategies like blog commenting, social bookmarking etc. are effective but these do not work anymore as these are more saturated than they working is less effective, so in order to achieve success more easily you have to come up with something different.

Creativity enhances the work and presents the content more peacefully and readable. One has to be more creative enough to capture the eyes on their blog.

Greed to earn:

Earning takes it all; many new bloggers who think blogging just to earn money, quit very fast as compared to old bloggers, that is because the chase for money never satisfies them.

Blogging should be done to impact lives and establish yourself as an authority but not just to earn or make money from your blog.

You cannot be lazy or lenient towards your work, your hard work pays off and being lazy will always demolish what you dreamt of.

There is nothing that can make you money doing nothing, for payments and making money, you have to give value, build trust, and gain credibility for yourself and you will reap the rewards.

Lack of Goal:

What you want to achieve within a specific period of time is your goal. And to be a blogger you have to realize what your goal is.

You should have a time-frame for your goal and you should try as much as possible not to limit yourself to your goal. Try to work towards achieving your goal, while setting yourself goals, because “Faith without work is nothing”.

Lack of personality:

While writing blogs try to as personal as possible, you should not fail to realize the importance of personality in your blog. Blogs are used to build your credibility and establish yourself, not a medium for scamming. By scamming through blogging you are deceiving yourself. People won’t visit your blog if you try to be over smart with them: use your real name, add a picture of yourself, and don’t use another person’s writing style.

Be who you are. Maintain an about page which will tell your readers more about you. “What you possess I may lack that knowledge and what I know you may not know that, so try to be yourself”.

Ignoring SEO:

Try to learn SEO and use it for your benefit. Hating Google, Yahoo and all those search engines, won’t do any good to you, rather will keep you out of the race.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a tool used to rank your blogs on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo etc. You need to have knowledge of how to rank your blog and earn through it.

The traffic that search engines provide is one of the best kind because of whosoever comes on search engine want to have the knowledge desperately on the topics and they can stay for rather more time.

Ensuring your blog doesn’t fail


Every blog you write should not go with whatever you think of writing you have written not thinking the information and details as essential to telling or not.

Maintain a blog structure: Intro, Content, Final words. These three things are the most important in any type of blog.

Intro or Introduction: part is basically the starting or the blog, telling the audience what you are going to write about.

Content: is the main information that you are telling about the Topic.

Final words: include the conclusion of what you have talked in just simple words.

Apart from just these three things always put Headlines to your Blog.

Note : If you don’t have time or resources to manage your blog, you can always hire professionals like scribbify to manage your blog.

Irregular updates:

Being a blogger you need to manage your time. Blogging is not a child game, it needs professional attention. Maintain an image of a blogger; put yourself on a regular schedule to update your blogs. Your Audience is not your puppet, they will only consider you till you show them your seriousness towards your work.

Irregular updates lead to negative impression and audience won’t take your blogs seriously.

If you post your blog on a specific day or time do it every time, your audience will take out time when they acknowledge that your blog will be published on a specific day or time.

Ignoring or No Comments:

Being a blogger you need to understand that comments are as important. When a person comments on your blog whether positively or negatively, they try to tell you where your wordings or knowledge is lacking or what needs to be more perfectly written. Comments give a transparency of communication, anonymous people will comment with their views on your work; it’s on you how you take those comments.

Reaction to each comment caters the attention, not only of that one person but of many who will read later or are reading.

Never reply abuses negatively, sarcastic replies will do your part, this helps in developing your interaction level.

Invest Where it is Needed:

A lot of people don’t wish to spend even a dime on their blog. However, there are certain areas where you have to invest at all costs. It includes investing on a good web hosting, WordPress theme, a bunch of plugins whom you really need. If you are serious about your blog, don’t use nulled, or cracked themes.

A lot of them have backdoors which you’ll never find out. Get this, someone who can compromise with the theme’s security check, can also place a simple code to ruin your site.

Social Buzz:

Social media is a great platform for creating traffic and buzz out of your work. Many bloggers do wrong neglecting social media; they themselves close their gates for a social impression.

Bloggers need to understand that uploading posts over social media creates a buzz instantly among your followers and friends, let everyone read or acknowledge your blog work. They may comment, share, like.

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp, Pinterest and many more platforms put a simple and easy way to socialize yourself and creating your image. So, remain active on every social media platform. Share your work and check regular feedbacks.

Being a blogger you need to understand why you fail in such simple work. Something you may not be known before is now known to you. Try to blog every weekend and create a masterpiece out of each work you do. The race to top is tough the person already doing such work are sitting with a lot of work that they can show and all are done with perfection. So, try to think out of mainstream things and put time and effort into every work you do.

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