The Exclusive Best 5 DSLR Cameras Under 50,000 Price Range.

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1. Nikon D5300

Nikon’s first camera to boast an inbuilt Wi-Fi that lets users to share photos and videos instantly with nearby phones, TVs, and other smart devices. The Nikon gear also has an in-built GPS function that saves the location information of the photos. This camera will keep up with future trends of Internet Of Things (IOT), as it is well equipped with advanced features.

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The Nikon D5300 features a 24.2 megapixel resolution with DX-format CMOS sensor. It comes with Nikon’s latest EXPEED 4 technology that ensures enhanced quality and quick image processing. CMOS sensor captures the smallest of details without the optical low pass filter (OLPF). The device has ISO 100 – ISO 12800 for extreme low-light photography. It has 39 point AF system that locks and tracks subject for greater levels of sharpness – ideal for sports photography.

The gear is also capable of shooting Full HD videos at 60 FPS with stereo sound, which is pretty good. The Camera produces the electronically stabilised fluid video. The device has a 3.2 inch LCD screen which is rich in display colours and it has over 170-degree viewing angle which comes in handy during photo shoots. Priced at around 50K* (*Now Price is 52K), this is one of the most feature-rich cameras and the best that your money can get. The photos are now crisp, clear and more colourful. With a wide range of compatibility of lenses, this comes at first.

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2. Canon EOS 600D

This is Canon’s offering in this segment. It used to be the best before the Nikon D5300 arrived. But still, with such an attractive pricing and simpler UI experience, it gives a good competition to the D5300.Image result for Canon EOS 600D

The Canon Eos 600D comes up with an 18 megapixel APS-C sized CMOS sensor that captures images with great details. It has a 14-bit DIGIC 4 image processor that ensures great colour reproduction and controls noise to a great extent. The Canon Gear has ISO 100 – ISO 6400 to capture low light photos without flash. It has 9 point AF which can focus accurately even an off-centred subject. It can shoot Full HD videos with a digital zoom magnification up to 10 x. Eos 600D has a 3 inch LCD screen with increased clarity.

Its software is user-friendly and allows the user to play around with the images to be taken. This helps to create more professional photos. Priced at around 45K, this comes second in our book.

3. Sony Alpha SLT A-58M

Sony is known for creating great cameras for smartphones. Alpha 58 is Sony’s offering under 50K segment. This comes close to EOS 600D, but it is a bit overpriced and hence loses out to its competition.

The Sony Alpha A-58M comes with a 20.1 megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor. It can capture great photos with vivid details even in low light conditions, courtesy of ISO 100- ISO 16000. This Sony gear has BIONZ image processor which helps in reducing most of the noise. It has a 15 point AF system with 3 sensors to ensure sharp images. The viewfinder of this device is one of it’s kind with an OLED viewfinder which gives a real-time display.

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It is one of the most user-friendly DSLRs. This was the best DSLR at the time when it was launched. It is a bit overpriced though. At around 46K*, this comes in at 3rd place.

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4. Canon EOS 750D

After 600D, this is second DSLR from canon to feature in our list of best cameras under 50K. This is a slightly more affordable version of EOS 600D with a few bits of upgrades matching current technology like the Wi-Fi connectivity to share wirelessly.

It has 24.2 megapixel CMOS shooter that is capable of capturing great images with fine detail. The Canon Eos 750D has a 19 point AF system to lock and track the subject, wherever it is. It comes with DIGIC 6 image processing technology that allows to shoot at 5 FPS. The Device can also shoot decent low light shots with an ISO 100- ISO 12800. The photos have very good detailing and are much more sharp now. The vivid colour reproduction by the DIGIC 6 processor is considerably visible.

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It also has Wi-Fi and NFC to quickly share photos among smart devices. The device is simply effortless to use as the software takes care of most of the settings. The gear has a 3 inch LCD screen with 1030K dot vari-angle display. Priced at around 35k, this comes in at number 4.

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5. Nikon D5500

This is second from Nikon’s shelf. This one is almost exactly similar to the Nikon D5300 which is at number 1 in this list. It also features a 24.2 megapixel resolution with DX-format CMOS sensor without OLPF. It also uses EXPEED 4 technology to ensure enhanced quality and quick image processing. All the features are pretty much similar. Where it differs is at the body design. This is made of a carbon-fibre monocoque body, which is very slim and lightweight. It sits comfortably at hand. It also has a 3.2 inch LCD display which is now acting as a touch screen input device. The UIs are much simpler now. The Nikon D5500 also has an inbuilt Wi-Fi to allow quick and easy sharing of pictures.

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It is a revised and sleeker version of D3300 with a slightly increased price tag. With advanced features like Wi-Fi connectivity, touchscreen display, this is one of the best DSLR cameras that you can buy. This comes in at number 5 due to its overpricing. And this is not a very big upgrade from D3300 which comes as a bit of disappointment.

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Here I End

So, in a Nutshell, I would like to conclude that the above-discussed cameras are one of the top-notch, capturing devices ranging under and around 50,000 INR price tag. If you wish to mention some other devices that fit into this category and wI have missed it, kindly drop your suggestions in the comment box below.


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