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In 2014, Facebook acquired WhatsApp in a jaw-dropping deal amounting to $19 Billion. And while opinions were varied at the time regarding the deal, the chat App is arguably the most popular today.

In this post, I pit WhatsApp against GBWhatsApp; two messaging Apps that do the same thing, linked to the same server, but with surprisingly distinct features. So, what would you prefer? Well, read on to find out.

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App Modifications is the new norm

The race towards a future of real-time, instant or even live messaging is here, and tech-giants like Google, Facebook and Snap Inc. are leaving nothing to chance.  However, modifications over the world’s most popular chat Apps is nothing new, and whether it is legal or illegal, that’s a debate for another day.

If you log into Google PlayStore to download for example WhatsApp, there are variants that could throw one’s choice into disarray. Because you do not want to put your privacy at the mercy of hackers and scrupulous data miners, this post is just one of the many informative ones on the differences among WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp, and GB WhatsApp.

Comparing WhatsApp vs. GB WhatsApp

Now, let’s get down to business and find out why anyone would want to settle for either of these two messaging/instant chat Apps,  not to mention what they have to offer (features).

·       Look and Feel

While we may have got used to a few background themes and that we can change background using pictures from the phone’s gallery, GB WhatsApp presents a rather enticing twist when it comes to look and feel. There are millions of themes when it comes to the latter, which explains why it is becoming popular among users.

·        Status character limitation

People love sharing their feelings using status, and while original WhatsApp now includes the use of image and video clip status, typing it has been around for some time now, albeit with limitations. Twitter recently doubled the length of tweets, at least to give users more typing room. WhatsApp allows only 139 characters, while the cracked GB lets you type a status numbering up to 250 characters.

·        Blocking functionality

Spammers are everywhere. Someone somewhere is probably could be contemplating about sending you a video or an audio clip via WhatsApp, and unfortunately, it is possible. It is also imperative to note that the original chat App only lets you block people in your contact. However, GB version lets you block unwanted calls, videos, and calls, even from people who are not in your contact.

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·        Data privacy concerns

Data privacy laws protecting social media users are everywhere. But is GB WhatsApp compliant, and how does it security layers compare against Facebook’s WhatsApp?

Well, every App software you install will always request for access to your device’s internal storage, contacts, messages and more, but it is not always easy to get an assurance that the information or date these Apps collect is going to remain private.  End-to-end data encryption in the original chat App including strict regulations protects you from hackers, in which case WhatsApp is technically safe. However, I wouldn’t want to certify GB WhatsApp, guarantees 100% privacy despite using the same server as the former, and regardless of the fact that its sources code is partly copied from the original version, save for a few modifications.

·        Last seen

WhatsApp lets you hide last seen so that everyone in your contact list, including those who are not, cannot see when you last logged into the App. However, GB WhatsApp falls short of this, and it is because it only allows you to hide your ‘last seen’ from a few or selected contacts.

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·        Delivery Ticks

Recent improvements on the original App makes it possible to trick people into thinking you haven’t read their message. You only need to go to Privacy to turn on or off receipts to activate this feature.  In the cloned version, it is even possible to play more tricks because the Apps lets you hide the second tick and the person with whom you are chatting will think the message hasn’t been delivered

·        Compatibility and Availability

The original chat App is compatible with different devices running on various operating systems.  However, GB WhatsApp is not anywhere in App stores. You have to download it from the developer’s website as an APK file and presently run on Android only.

·        Content sharing

Share up to 16 MB worth of photos/videos with the standard version, a little more totaling 30 MB worth of file size with GB WhatsApp.

In a conclusion, you choose what suits your needs when it comes to Apps. For those who are looking for a little fan, more tweaks here and there, GB WhatsApp has plenty more to offer over the standard version.


Developers continued to give social work a facelift, but do not be fooled. Before you settle on either any version of a Chat Application such as GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp, find out about the differences. This post should help you make the right decision basing on the explored differences.

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